Accessibility Training and Consulting for Publishers and Organizations

We take the printed word and make it accessible

Accessibility Training and Consulting for Publishers and Organizations

CNIB Beyond Print is one of Canada’s most experienced creators of accessible materials, with more than a century of experience through CNIB. We are well versed in the latest standards and technology and are global industry experts in the most cutting-edge and popular, accessible literacy formats.

CNIB Beyond Print is uniquely positioned to advise publishers and organizations on their accessible production or workflow goals. We specialize in accessibility consulting for braille, ePub, audiobooks, and DAISY formats.

Accessibility Training and Consulting for Audio

In addition to production services, CNIB Beyond Print acts as an advisor for publishers interested in incorporating accessible best practices into their operations. Our audiobook services include:


CNIB Beyond Print has partnered with eBOUND Canada, to advise on best practices for creating audiobooks. Access the full report.

What we’ve heard

“CNIB Beyond Print’s experienced staff guided us through accessibility standards for audiobooks, drafting alt text, creating scripting, and more. CNIB Beyond Print delivers high-quality, accessible audiobooks, and we look forward to working with them for many more years.” – Kieran LeBlanc, Executive Director, BPAA

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Being new to the area of accessible content creation, it was critical that we find a partner we could trust. eBOUND chose CNIB Beyond Print as our partner of choice because of their expertise, knowledge, and years of experience. They are true professionals. Their team is supportive, collaborative, and are creative problem solvers. I would highly recommend partnering with CNIB Beyond Print for your accessible content creation projects!”– Deborah Nelson, CEO, eBOUND Canada

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CNIB Beyond Print is a Social Enterprise

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A Social Enterprise organization incorporates elements of a traditional business and a nonprofit organization. All revenues generated by CNIB Beyond Print is directly reinvested into CNIB to create innovative programs and powerful advocacy that empower people impacted by blindness and print disabilities to live their dreams and tear down barriers to inclusion.