Audiobook production FAQs

Why should my organization create Audiobooks?

The sight loss and print disabled communities are underserved. Less than 10% of all material currently published in Canada is available in formats they can access. Working with CNIB Beyond Print increases the number of accessible titles available to library users. It helps to address the shortage experienced by readers living with vision loss and other print disabilities.

Is it necessary to include all supplementary material in the audio version of my book?

Producing an audiobook that includes all elements found in the original format ensures that all readers have the same experience. If your organizational goal is to reach different audiences, our team can produce multiple edits of the same audiobook based on your unique needs. Creative direction and editing decisions are given to the client.

I want my book to reach readers living with vision loss but don’t know how?

CNIB Beyond Print is a production partner of CELA, the Centre for Equitable Library Access, a non-profit working with Canada’s public libraries to distribute alternate format material at no cost for people with print disabilities. Accessible DAISY Audiobooks are donated to the CELA collection and shared with other Canadian accessible format providers such as NNELS. They are also distributed internationally through the Marrakesh Agreement.

The author of my book has already created alt-text descriptions of the visual material in my book. Can this be used for the audiobook?

Your Alt-text descriptions can be re-purposed for the audiobook and included in the finished work. We can also work with authors interested in creating their image descriptions for the first time so that the same authorial ‘voice’ is present throughout the audiobook.

Certain distributors, like Audible, have very specific requirements for the content they accept. Can you ensure that your production meets those specifications?

CNIB Beyond Print will match any technical specifications your project requires. We are familiar with the specifications requested by Audible and other platforms and can edit your audiobook to match their requirements.

My book will require multiple voice actors to capture the various perspectives in the print book. How can this be done in audio?

We have decades of experience producing multi-voiced productions. Thanks mainly to our talent pool of voice performers, who are of different ages and backgrounds. We can accurately assess the casting requirements of your project and provide you with suitable narrators to choose from. Our goal is to ensure that the voices match the personality of the characters in the books.

My book requires names and dialogue from different languages. How can I ensure it is accurately pronounced?

While French and English productions are our focus, our talented narrators are fluent in many other languages so that your audiobook can be authentically read. We have many partners to consult with us to ensure the pronunciation is accurate. For projects that utilize languages created by their authors, we can collaborate with them to ensure the narration matches their vision.

I am not sure whether the type of book I have would be suitable as an audiobook. Are some genres not compatible with the audiobook format?

The interests of print-disabled readers are as varied as anyone else. We have decades of experience producing audiobooks for readers living with print disabilities and have produced books in every genre. From poetry, picture books, illustrated children’s books, cookbooks, graphic novels and many more. We will guide you through the best practices for converting any title into a fully accessible audiobook that can be appreciated by all audiences.

I have heard that audiobook production can be expensive. Will it be worthwhile to produce a short book?

We have solutions for different budgets and will customize a quote based on your unique needs. Our pricing is impacted by the complexity of the project and the final running time of the audiobook. Production costs vary by the length and style of the original book. Contact us to receive your custom quote.