Reading Uncontracted Braille Course

A photo of a person reading braille text.

We take the printed word and make it accessible

Reading Uncontracted Braille

Reading Uncontracted braille is a free, self-directed course. This course does not teach tactile braille reading, it is geared towards print readers. Black dots on the computer screen present the configurations of material in braille.

What You’ll Learn

This course consists of six short lessons covering the basics of the braille alphabet, numbers, and punctuation. Through this course, you will be able to recognize and read the basics such as elevator signage, telephone numbers, and more.

What’s required?

Computer and internet access is required. As there are no prerequisites, registration is not required.

Fee: none

The course material is available for download via the link below.

Facts about Braille Literacy

For the blind community, braille is a key to literacy, education, employment, and success in life.

Braille is print

When children with sight loss are learning to read, braille is the best way for them to develop skills in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Audible technology doesn’t give new readers the tools that they need to read and write for themselves.

Braille enables employment

Several studies have shown that people with sight loss who know braille are more likely to be employed than those who rely on voice synthesizers.

Braille equals independence

Braille is a building block of literacy and a foundation of independence.