UEB Technical Course

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UEB Technical

UEB Technical is geared to those who hold certification in UEB – Unified English Braille. UEB Technical is a comprehensive, self-directed course in UEB for technical material. It is not an instruction manual. It provides selected references to Unified English Braille Guidelines for Technical Material (the Guidelines) as the resource for examples and further explanation. Extensive practice in producing technical material in UEB is an essential element of the course. Additionally, another important purpose of UEB Technical is to ensure familiarity with the Guidelines.

The UEB Technical course is provided by CNIB Beyond Print free of charge and may be completed without instructors.

What You’ll Learn

There are 14 major topics generally following the order of the material presented in the Guidelines. Each transcription practice provides the answers on the next page. A pre-test is offered to help assess your readiness to pass the UEB Technical Proficiency Test.

What’s required?

There is no registration required for the course, however a Certification in UEB from CNIB/BLC is required to write the UEB Technical test.

This course requires the use of the latest editions of Unified English Braille Guidelines for Technical Material and The Rules of Unified English Braille. These publications can be downloaded free of charge in print or braille from: http://www.iceb.org/ueb.html

Students will need to access and download the UEB Technical course material, which is available in print and braille. The course materials are provided below.

Contact Us to access the pre-test braille file

Letter of Proficiency

If students have the prerequisites (holds UEB Transcription Certification) and have completed the transcription practices, they may register for the UEB Technical Proficiency package. This package includes the pre-test evaluation, and the UEB Technical Proficiency Test.

Students are evaluated on their knowledge of the rules and provisions stated in the Guidelines. Students must pass the pre-test with a mark of 90 after correction.

To successfully pass the UEB Technical Proficiency Test, students should be able to demonstrate accuracy in transcribing technical material in UEB.

Test fee: $75 for students who hold a CNIB/BLC Transcription Certification in UEB. If students meet the requirements above, they may request the UEB Technical Proficiency Test package. A discount applies for CNIB participants please inquire for more details).

Test Fee: $150 for those who hold a reciprocal certificate in UEB.  If they meet the requirements above, students may request the UEB Technical Proficiency Test package.

Facts about Braille Literacy

For the blind community, braille is a key to literacy, education, employment, and success in life.

Braille is print

When children with sight loss are learning to read, braille is the best way for them to develop skills in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Audible technology doesn’t give new readers the tools that they need to read and write for themselves.

Braille enables employment

Several studies have shown that people with sight loss who know braille are more likely to be employed than those who rely on voice synthesizers.

Braille equals independence

Braille is a building block of literacy and a foundation of independence.