CNIB Beyond Print at Word on the Street Festival!

CNIB Beyond Print at Word on the Street Festival!

The annual Word on the Street festival held at Queen’s Park, Toronto, was abuzz with excitement as book lovers and literary enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the power of words, ideas, and storytelling.

The festival is a national celebration of reading, writing, and literacy. Each year, this vibrant gathering serves as a hub for literary enthusiasts, offering a bustling marketplace featuring the best selection of books and magazines in Canada.

Among the numerous participants and attendees, CNIB Beyond Print had the unique opportunity to mingle with authors, attend events, and engage in discussions with publishers.

Our overarching commitment is to serve readers with print disabilities, and the festival provided an occasion to engage in discussions with lasting impact, spread our message of inclusivity and share our innovative solutions.

Engaging with Canadian Authors & Publishers

[Image description: Captured on the main stage, the electrifying energy of the Black Joy and Movement event. In the photo, Maya Ameyaw, Perry King, and Itah Sadu captivate the audience as they engage in a discussion about their thought-provoking books, exploring themes of tolerance within racialized cultures.]

We basked in the perfect weather and met with fellow book lovers, searching for their next reads, Indigenous and Canadian authors making an impact on the national literary landscape, and professional publishers.

In our discussions, we delved into accessibility, championing inclusive publishing, and exploring alternative format production.

Unveiling the ‘Born-Accessible’ Vision

At the heart of our presence at Word on the Street, was our mission to empower readers with print disabilities and our commitment to breaking barriers and enabling our community to explore the wonders of literature.

We proudly introduced our newly launched website, a resource designed to cater to the needs of people with print disabilities and facilitate equal access to information.

From alternative formats to inclusive publishing solutions, we strive to break down barriers and ensure that no reader is left behind.

Our presence at Word on the Street went beyond empowering readers with print disabilities. It served as a catalyst to propel the ‘Born Accessible’ movement forward, sparking crucial dialogue and raising awareness about the importance of inclusive publishing practices.

By championing this cause, we aimed to inspire publishers, authors, and the wider literary community to embrace accessibility as a fundamental aspect of their work, creating a future where every book is born accessible from its inception.

Partnering for Progress

[Image description: Another Story Book Shop, a supplier of CNIB Beyond Print, attends the event. Together, Another Story Book Shop and Beyond Print continue to support diversity in literary book distribution.]

In the world of accessible publishing, collaboration is paramount.

At Word on the Street, we built relationships with the dynamic publishing and writing community.

Together, we are driving momentum towards a future where ‘Born Accessible’ publishing becomes the standard across Canada. Our collective endeavour paves the way for a world where every reader, can fully embrace and access the magic of literature.

How You Can Join the Movement

Are you a publisher seeking to make your content accessible to all, or an author who believes in inclusive storytelling?

We invite you to explore the possibilities of CNIB Beyond Print’s accessible publishing services. By partnering with us, you can help shape a future where every reader has equal opportunities to experience the joy of reading. Contact us to learn more.


The Word on the Street festival was a success for CNIB Beyond Print as we embraced the spirit of inclusivity, sparked conversations, and built relationships. With our mission in focus, we are confident in our ability to create a world where print disabilities are no longer barriers to accessing information.